Oct 27, 2009 · SHARPS MODEL 1853 SLANT BREECH SPORTING RIFLE Description: 26 inch full octagon barrel with original sights and a VG bore"/> Who makes sharps rifles now . . 4 Lbs. Single Shot Rifles. Category Rifles. 1874 Sharps Infantry Rifle 30". I have owned 8 to 10 Sharps over the years and do not have a lot of money. 90. hot gay bjs 1. It was one of first percussion cap rifles to feature a rifled bore. . SKU: PD-S. Some models have been marketed under both the NEF brand and H&R 1871. These stocks are intended to fit original Sharps rifles and faithful reproductions. SKU: PD-S. Sharps Arms, $89. clash meta wiki . . There are now more Sharps rifles being manufactured than at any time since the Civil War. . 5x - 5x. .